Professional Broadcasting to the Masses Becomes the Masses

Social networking sites provide a thrilling and real time accurate portrayal of life, worldwide. We now have the opportunity for a glimpse into the Middle East and see the truth about everything from the protest, to the atrocities and real firsthand stories. We got to listen to the Olympians, in London. Our troops in various nations have the opportunity to share their experiences. These countless single voices show us their individualism, making them far easier to relate to, as opposed to what would be generalized assumptions.

It’s one thing to see an American journalist reporting from Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and many others about the “Arab Spring”. It’s been an entirely new a different perspective to, through social networking sites, hear the voices of the citizens living there. I don’t doubt the authenticity or the accuracy of news organizations reporting on these overseas scenarios. However I jump at opportunity we’re now given to hear these passionate people talk about the conditions they’re faced with on a daily basis.

This summer all of us had the chance to feel like we were a part of the 2012 Olympics. Everyone from the amazing athletes to the citizens around London shared this experience with us.  In the competitive spirit of the games, social media gave fans a real time medium to cheer and root for their favorites.

American soldiers used to be limited to writing a letter to their loved ones and waiting weeks on end for responses. Now not only can these brave men and women communicate with whomever they like in an instant but now what they’re experiencing is no longer left up to our limited imaginations. No matter how far they may venture, we can stay connected to our heroes abroad.

There will always be a place for courageous photo journalists capturing the stories in hostile areas. Much as there will continue to be a need for analytical reports exposing the truth between the lines.  However journalism as we know it is evolving from being mainly professional second hand broadcasting, to expanding into individuals with a personal experience to speak about.

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