Protests Against Donald Trump’s Appearance On SNL Get Serious.

Regardless of the riots outside of NBC studios in New York, and regardless of how angry Hispanic politicians were about it, Donald Trump was the main guest on last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Over 300 participants were scouted by dozens of Latin American organizations, and they all maintained a peaceful protest. These people also voiced their rejection towards this popular show which, they believe, has turned into a racist platform against immigrants.

This is the second time the business mogul, and now aspiring president of the United States, hosted SNL. Trump hosted the show while making fun of himself: “Part of the reason I’m here is because I know how to take a joke”, according to Trump himself.

During the opening monologue in a prepared skit, Larry David yelled “racist” at Trump. David later joked that he was promised by a Hispanic organization he’d be paid 5,000 dollars if he agreed to interrupt Trump during his monologue.

The show also recreated an imaginary presidential cabinet for 2018, led by Trump, in which his daughter Ivanka played as Secretary of the Interior. In that moment, Mexico’s President hands Trump a check in order to pay for the wall that would stand between the US and Mexico.

Outside of the studios, it’s no laughing matter for the Hispanic protesters: “Racism is no joke, our families are going to pay for the consequences of Trump’s racist decisions.” Stated Karina Garcia, from Answer Coalition.

Sunday morning, Donald Trump said to CNN that he felt happy to be part of the show and was confident that SNL’s ratings were going to be the highest in all of the show’s history.

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