Racism Scandal Haunts NBA Team Owner

For the past couple of days Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been the center piece on ESPN. A pioneer cable sports network. The network keeps fans and professionals alike informed on the latest things happening in the world of sports.

   However, this story originally surfaced from TMZ. A popular celebrity gossip outlet. TMZ released an audio tape revealing a conversation between Sterling and his girlfriend, who is being referred to as V. Stiviano. The recording is about nine minutes long and it reveals a disturbing truth about the NBA team owner. The voice who is alleged to be Sterling on tape can be heard making some seriously disturbing racist comments.

   This scandal has put a stain in the Clippers’ season. They are currently splitting a seven game series with the Golden State Warriors 2-2. The report has made ripples throughout popular culture. Pressure on the National Basketball Association is at an all time high. There are talks about finding a way to revoke Sterling’s ownership of the team. I wonder if public support for the actual basketball team will be affected by the strong sense of disgust by anyone who hears the tape.


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