Ramona Singer is Signing Papers to Divorce Her Longtime Husband

The world wide popular show of The Real Housewives of New York is set to premiere sometime in March on the Bravo Network. However, there is already some buzz surrounding one of the housewives, Ramona Singer. She has been on the show since its inception, and as a Veteran she is all too used to the devastating effects this reality show can have on personal lives.

Ramona Singer is apparently going to file for divorce from her longtime husband, Mario Singer, of twenty-seven years.  She reportedly called the police about domestic abuse with her husband at her home in the Southampton. There are rumors that the result of the divorce and arguments revolves around Mario’s infidelity. There is speculation that he has been having an affair with his younger female assistant.

This example of cheating is especially interesting because a couple of seasons ago, the group of housewives encountered a psychic. The psychic gave Ramona a disturbing read. The psychic tried to warn Ramona that her husband was having an affair with another woman. Ramona feigned indifference, but as a viewer, anyone could tell the message was troubling her.

Perhaps, there is a silver lining to Ramona’s plight. Although, her love life may be in jeopardy, it does create an intriguing story line for her. That may seem cold, but in a corporate world where ratings and image are everything, she could very easily garner some sympathy as a grieving divorcee and increase the ratings for her show.  In any case, Ramona is a survivor and a truly generous and business savvy person. As how it will affect her daughter and the housewives, everyone will just have to stay tuned.

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