Reality Shows

   Over the years, reality television has grown very popular on broadcast and cable television. Reality shows serve many purposes for viewers. They can be entertaining, dramatic and comical. In most cases all three of these characteristics are put into one episode. Viewers have adapted to this format tuning into every episode each week until the season ends. Reality shows receive lots of ratings which makes a large profit, but are they really reality-based?

  Daily News TV writer Cristina Kinon, author of the I Love to Watch blog about reality shows - - weighs in on her top 10 favorite choices in the genre. First up is 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County'/The Hills' (MTV).

  I Love New York and A Real Chance at Love are spin-offs. They followed the reality show Flavor of Love. The plot of this show was to help a man who calls himself “Flavor Flav,” find love. Each week Mr. Flav eliminated one female whom he did not feel a connection with, until he found one who he wanted to spend his life with. More than six females competing for one male is extremely unrealistic in the real world. How many times do you walk outside and see a man holding hands with at the most three women, who are  in competition with one another, until he finds the one most suitable for him?

  Reality shows like Fear, Survivor and Amazing Race test the strength of people and keep the audience enticed. These shows let viewers see how far some will go to win lots of cash and also tests the audience determination and tolerance. As more and more reality shows come along people will continue to watch them even though a majority of the content is fake and met to stir up emotion. Whether the reason people watch is for entertainment, drama or comedy. Reality shows serve as an escape from the real, real world.

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