Recap and Analysis of Breaking Bad episode “To’hajiilee” [Spoilers]

Tonight’s episode started with Todd, Lydia and the Aryans discussing the quality of the crystal meth they’d been producing for their overseas customers in the Czech Republic. Todd attempts to replicate Walt’s cooking process, but confesses to Lydia that he may have burnt their trademark blue coloring somewhere along the way.

After their back and forth, we fast forward to last week’s ending (Walt’s call to Todd) where Walt does indeed order a hit on Jesse Pinkman. In exchange for their hit on Jesse, Walt reluctantly agrees to participate in one final cook with Todd in order to better teach him the trade.

At the end of last week’s episode, Jesse proposed hitting Walt “where he really lives,” and we discover in this episode Jesse was referring to Walt’s drug money. The trio (Jesse, Hank, and Gomez) devise an elaborate scheme wherein they fake Jesse’s death in order to get details out of Saul Goodman’s henchman Huell on where Walt’s money is hidden .

While they aren’t able to ascertain the whereabouts of Walt’s money, they deduce that the money has buried somewhere in the desert and are able to fool Walt into thinking his money will be burnt unless he comes out to the location to talk to Jesse.

Unbeknownst to him, the trio has no idea where they money is and Walt, in his typical greedy and emotional fashion, leads them right to his stash.

Still unaware of Jesse’s cooperation with the Hank and the DEA, Walt, knowing the jig is up, calls his Aryan friends to take care of Jesse and who he thinks is simply some anonymous backup.

While on the phone with the Aryans, Jesse, Hank, and Gomez show up and Walt promptly calls off the hit, and gives himself up to his brother-in-law. However, the Aryans fail to respect Walt’s call off and arrive on-scene where a brutal gun fight breaks out and the episode ends as bullet after bullet is sprayed between the two parties.

While the cliffhanger served its purpose in drawing the audience in and ensuring our tuning in for next week’s episode, it served no other purpose. No matter what happens next week, whether it be Hank’s or the Aryans’ demise, it won’t be nearly as dramatic as it would have been had the episode ended it in the middle of the intense action that was the end of this week’s episode. In that respect, I was thoroughly disappointed in the writers, however next week’s episode is sure to be action-packed given this week’s ending and their only being three episodes left in the series.

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