Recreational Marijuana Bill Pushed by a Local Legislator for it to Become Legalized

Further in the year, voters in Florida will decide whether to legalize medical marijuana but now there is a local lawmaker that wants a bill to be able to smoke pot for fun to go through. Washington and Colorado are the only two states in the United States that allow people to use marijuana for “non-medical” purposes. Legislator Randolph Bracy wants Florida to do the same as Colorado and Washington.

Randolph Bracy wrote a 54-page bill and he says: “Currently we have no oversight as to what’s going on with this product.” Bracy represents District 45 in legislative in Florida. What Bracy calls for in the bill is, oversight and regulation, not allowing the possession and sale by people under the age of 21 and he wants to create a fund that is an enforcement trust that marijuana sales could pay for this fund. The fund would be paid through the marijuana sale.

Channel 9 exposed people in California on November 2013 that would claim medical aliments in order to obtain pot and this was easier for them to buy marijuana despite anything because they had a paper from the doctor that allows them to buy medical marijuana. Randolph Bracy wants Florida to meet the same issue to create that check’s and balances to stop the people from cheating the system. When it comes down to marijuana, it is a very tricky subject to speak about because a lot of people want it legalized in Florida and they at the same time, there are some people that do not want that too happen.

The mentality that Bracy has is that the marijuana would no longer be in the hands of the drug dealers but would now be in the hands of actual legitimate business owners. The legislator knows that this might not make it just yet to the polls (recreational marijuana use) but that sooner or later, Florida will pass the law for people to be able to use marijuana for recreational use. I am sure that people in Florida would try to vote for this because it has been talked about for a very long time and two states already passed the law so why shouldn’t Florida be the next state to have this? We will find out what happens later on this year and take it from there.

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