Regardless Of Outcome In 2016, A Historic Administration Will Begin With Big Changes In The White House

With the next presidential election just one year away, it is already easy to see that a historic race is unfolding.  The current selection of popular candidates is guaranteed to deliver an exciting finish to the 2016 elections.  The dynamic cast of characters will all be quite revolutionary if any of them get elected.  The frontrunners Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all promise to make a lot of noise if they are elected.  But as to which kind of noise only time will.

If Trump were to be elected, it will be very interesting because it would represent an extreme shift to the conservative right for the U.S. voters.  This shift will most likely be attributed to a lot of disapproval for the Obama administration.  The right wing has been very critical of Obama’s policies and the current global crisis of terrorism is helping to demonstrate that Obama’s foreign policies have been failures.  Immigration will be another huge issue.  Trump talks the most tough on immigration and with the recent refugee crisis unfolding, Trump’s policies will be intriguing to many voters who appose taking in Syrian migrants.

On the other side of the spectrum, a Hilary Clinton victory in 2016 would be historic and impactful.  Clinton could become the first female president of the United States.  Also, she would be the only president ever that is married to a former president.  Clinton wants to take a strong stand on social issues and would probably run a fairly traditional administration for democrats.  She also plans to take a stronger stand on foreign policy and has promised to be tougher on terrorism.

Perhaps the most interesting candidate of them all, Bernie Sanders is about as unconventional as mainstream candidates come.  Sanders has no problem using terms like “socialism” and “socialist”.  He is the only candidate that promises to go after big banks and white collar crime.  Something that many Americans have been wanting to happen for a long time.  Sanders believes that he has workable plans for better public education and healthcare.  He often references the success of similar programs from other countries and frequently asks why a well established country like the U.S. can’t do the same.  Sanders is often criticized by the right for funding controversies and tax increases.  Many people believe Sander’s policies will result in higher taxes.

Regardless of who wins the next election for president, the outcome will be extremely impactful and could bring about significant change.  All the frontrunners are poised to bring a new style of politics to the White House and will certainly make history with a legacy of innovations and breakthroughs.

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