Reinventing the World: Internet or Television?

What is on my mind right now is the question of whether the Internet or Television is reinventing the world today. I believe that both play a part in the world we live in today. With that being said, I believe that Television is the most important piece that has shaped our world today.

With TV you have all these channels that people have access to. People ask did you watch that show on TV last night or asked what was on the morning news this morning. More people have access to TV than internet. Most things posted online is from TV shows or something they saw on TV. My case is that TV is more popular than the internet is. With it being more  accessible, I believe that it shapes more people.

For example, I just got back from my grandad’s cabin up in North Carolina. While up there, he didn’t have internet. He had the impressive TV channels with your HD channels and HBO, but didn’t have any internet. I had to go down to the local McDonald’s to access internet for my online classes. It was not an easy drive either being deep in the mountains. It is not really needed by the mountaineers I guess.

I guess what I am basically trying to say is that I chose TV having a bigger impact on the world than I do Internet because it is used by more people in my experience. Some people might view it another way with their own. I don’t think their is a wrong answer here though.

Shane Meeks

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