Remembering Whitney Houston

My friends swear I must live under a rock. I am definitely not one to read the tabloids or watch “E!”. I have no desire to learn which stars get married or how long their marriages last. If you were to raid my computer, you would discover my taste in music ranges from the 50’s and comes to a screeching halt at the 90’s.  I am happy as a clam when I get to do the “Twist”, and up until two years ago I had no clue who Brad Pitt was.

Yet last night, February 11th 2012, Whitney Houston died. I didn’t know anything about her drug battle, failed marriage, damaged voice, or weight loss. I just knew she had an unbelievable voice. It was so incredibly distinct. Just about anyone in a crowded room could pick out one of her songs. It was probably the closes to perfection any human voice will ever be able to reach. Songs like, “I Will Always Love You”, “Greatest Love of All”, “Run To You” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” were just a few of Houston’s top hits that gave fans a new understanding for music. They brought real emotion to her fans. Some powerful enough to bring tears to a grown man’s eyes, others made you want to stand up and dance the night away. Many say her performance at the Super Bowl in 1991 was the greatest national anthem in sports history. It was ten days after the United States went to war in the Persian Gulf.  The pure influence of  her voice had on the audience brought the country even more united.

Apparently, the cause of death has not yet been determined, but rumors of drug over dose or suicide seem to floating around. I may get teased for living under a rock, but sometimes it’s nice not letting the media sway your opinion. No matter how she died, I will always see her as a strong, beautiful woman who had the voice of an angel.  I hope you do to.


Unfortunately, they will have an empty seat tonight at the Grammy’s. You will be deeply missed.



R.I.P Whitney Houston




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