Research in the Digital Age

In the article “Generational Myth: Not All Young People Are Tech-Savvy” the auther Siva Vaidhyanathan stated the claim that the “digital age” is a myth. The author went further to assert that so many are quick to jump to the conclusion that young people these days are quickly favoring online resources over books. The author disagreed with this point by stating that libraries are still full today. However, I think it is a little close minded to make the assumption that the onset of online digital technology has not had a huge impact on the way research is conducted.

Libraries have quickly turned into an outlet where you can get every piece of information you might want. I think it is important to note that it is no longer a safe assumption that every student who enters a public library is interested in looking at books. There are many online resources available on computers in public libraries that are beneficial to students and towards research.

One big takeaway that I really felt was beneficial from this article was how much stress he put on the fact that generations can not be generalized. A generation is a huge group of people and is increasingly becoming much more diverse as time goes on. The author asserted that “Talk of a ‘digital generation’ or people who are ‘born digital’ willfully ignores the vast range of skills, knowledge, and experience of many segments of society.” Every person who makes up a generational society brings different thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds to the table, and it is important to note that no two will be the same. Not every 18-25 year old is predisposed to being technologically savvy.

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