Rest in Peace, Paul Walker<3

This past Saturday, November 30th, a famous actor was involved in a car crash that tragically ended his life.  The unfortunate actor was Paul William Walker IV, who starred in films such as ‘The Fast and Furious’ series which he is most famous for and other films including ‘Into the Blue’ and ‘Eight Below.’  This tragic news is taking the world by storm and it broke my heart as well.  Paul Walker has always been one of my favorite actors who just so happened to star in one of my favorite movie series’ (The Fast & The Furious).  Thinking about how the next movie in the series will be affected just shows that “the show really must go on.”  As devastating as any news can be, the 7th installment in the Fast & Furious series will be released around July of next year and they will have to make Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor disappear somehow.

In regards to his death, the most heartbreaking and yet heartless comments some people are making just make me sick.  Some real big assholes state that “He wasn’t fast and furious enough.”  His death just happened to be a so-called “irony” because he was the star of racing films and died in a car accident, even though he wasn’t driving.  Those statements are the most ridiculously crude ones I’ve ever witnessed and it just makes me question humanity with people like them.  My heart goes out to Paul Walker, Roger Rodas (the driver in the car), and their families.  I will honestly miss Paul and hope he rests in peace.  He was yet another angel taken too soon.

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”            -Paul Walker

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