Rest In Peace Whitney

One of the world’s greatest singers has passed away, leaving many to wonder whether the drugs have finally conquered Whitney Houston.  On Saturday February 11, Whitney was found dead in a bathtub of the Beverly Hilton hotel. She was only 48 years old; Whitney has been an inspiration for many people around the world. Since the early 80’s, Whitney has graced our ears with songs like “How will I know” and “I wanna dance with somebody”. The more she evolved as an entertainer she gave us hits like “I will always love you” and “Heartbreak Hotel”, it was clear to her fans though that her voice had started to change. It wasn’t until about 7 years ago when the world found out about Whitney’s drug abuse problem and the tumultuous relationship she was having with Bobby Brown. Whitney’s fans never gave up on her and supported her through all of her hard times but it was clear that the once earth shattering voice was being destroyed by the drugs she was using.

In recent years, Whitney released a song called “I look to you”, anyone who is a Whitney Houston fan can hear the stark difference in her once vibrant voice. With all this information clear to the public, it was such a relief to hear that she had finally cleaned herself up and got help. However, life is not a movie and it seems that Whitney was not as great of an actress as she portrayed in the media. She is not alone in meeting this similar fate, her colleagues in the music business have also come face to face with this demon. One can’t help but wonder why stars who, besides having fame and money, would not realize the talent they were given and just throw it away for the sake of getting high or self medicating. I am not making any definitive statements as to how Whitney Houston died, but being that she was found unresponsive in a bathtub with prescription pills next to her, well one can only assume.

The world will be a lonelier place without Whitney, along with Michael Jackson and Amy Whinehouse.  It is a shame that such talent being taken for granted and given away to the likes of something like heroin or cocaine. Stories such as this reaffirm one’s belief to never take anything for granted and always remember what the most important things in life are.

R.I.P Whitney Houston

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