Restaurant Review

Looking for a great sushi restaurant? Try Amura’s located on the corner of Dr. Phillips and Sandlake. Amura’s is an exquisite  Japanese high-end restaurant, which serves more than two dozen types of sushi. Any sushi concoction that you can think of can be created and made visually appealing to your eyes and your stomach. The restarant is comfortable and cozy and suitable for family and friend gatherings. You can enjoy your food cooked right in front of you by the chef and be seated at a family table of thirteen or less or enjoy a nice view of your own personal cook at the bar. Amura’s does not just serve sushi. Salads, soups, pasta and delectable desserts like fried cheesecake are also served at the restaurant. So, when looking for sushi try Amura’s I think you will be very pleased.

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