Reviewing the Harsh Truth Portrayed in The Documentary ‘Miss Representation’ About Women’s Inequality

At the beginning when I was watching the first few minutes of the films, I was going yes for every statement they were making about how we as a younger society spent around 10 hours a day in some aspect of the media, whether it be watching TV, a movie, being in a computer, social media, that really hit me because I don’t really count the hours I spent on my phone but after seeing that it made me think that if those statistic are just on a average person, I could easily be wasting more time than that and it’s not healthy like they say because at least for me I believe anything I see or hear from the media, I want to dress like the celebrities do, I want to purchase the latest lipstick a Kardashian was wearing just because it looks so good on them, and I think to myself if they can look that amazing, why can’t I?

But I shouldn’t be worrying about materialist stuff like because those types of people like celebrities have an entire team that comes over to their house every single morning to glam them up and go on their day as if was normal to have someone do your make-up everyday. To me that’s just exhausting but young ladies see that and actually believe that they do that themselves, so they could achieve it too if they wanted too when it fact is impossible because of course those celebrities post pictures all the type with their fresh looking make-up, badass outfit, gorgeous hair to show that their lives are amazing because they look so great but no they have to spend at least 3 hours to get that. This is definitely part of the cognitive structure that we have already in our minds; we think we know everything about someone just by looking how they dress, like how they carry themselves speaks a lot about how they must be. So it affects the people that are around them the type of judgment they will have even before really getting to know them.


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