Rex Ryan Needs to Find His Happy Place

This weekend Rex Ryan made a complete fool out of himself during a press conference after the Jets won against the New York Giants.  The team won, which is great, but something happened in the game that might cost Ryan his job.  He played Mark Sanchez in the fourth quarter and Sanchez got hurt.  Then when the media bombarded him with questions he made himself look like a lunatic and wouldn’t address the issue.  He gave typical coach speak and made a fool of himself.  Saying things like this is America I can say what I want to.  He said I can answer questions with my back to you and turned around and started answering questions.  The whole thing was completely awkward and I am glad that I wasn’t in the conference room.  But the main question is, is it time a for a change?  Has the pressure of coaching in New York finally gotten to Ryan?

I remember in the 2012 season the New York Jets signed the controversial Tim Tebow.  People said that Tebow would cause distractions to the team.  He might have, but I think the real distraction is the Rex Ryan.  Year after year he makes himself look like a guy who just wants the attention.  You have to give it to the man, he is confident.  But is it confidence or arrogance?  Does he really think he knows more than anyone else out there?  This could be his last season as the Jets head coach and he needs to find a way to motivate his team and stop worrying about making jokes, and Mark Sanchez tattoos.  It is time for Ryan to get his team back to where he had it a couple of years ago.  The time is now, or Rex could be looking for a new job very very soon.

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