Robonaut: The Robot That Will Change The World

Technology is without a doubt changing the world. Some may argue for the better and some my say for the worse.

As times change and our society relies more and more on technology, older generations claim that technology might take away from what truly matters in the world: relations.

However, newer generations are thrilled with new technology, which makes life simpler by the click of a button. Communication is almost instantaneous and news travels faster around the world.

New technology has advanced wars, discovery, and medicine.

The introduction of NASA’s Robonaut to the International Space Station in 2011 has proven that technology is further evolving to take the place of humans.

The robot hasn’t done much in space but is being trained in telemedicine by a doctor at the Houston Methodist Hospital.

While the robot only monitored air flow from vents in the ISS, Robonaut is being taught to perform advanced tasks such as endovascular surgery.

The robot is controlled by humans at NASA’s Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Although there is a problem with lag between command and response, the robots are supposed to eliminate the presence of human dependency.

This brings up the question of whether or not technology is going to fully replace human jobs.

People do still play a major role in developing the technology and manufacturing it. The robots still have to be trained and taught simple tasks.

However, will Robonaut be the beginning of something humans have always dreaded: The thought of technology taking over?


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