Robotic Fever: Man Has Homemade Chip Implanted Into His Arm

Since we were infants, we have known a few standard methods that physicians use to take our temperature. Usually, we suffer thorough the thirty seconds annoyance and deal with the metal tipped hunk of plastic under our tongues. Recently, Tim Cannon, a software developer, felt that this method was taking the easy way out and instead developed a tool that supported a little more permanence. Cannon created and implanted a chip in his arm that reports and records his body temperature. Should we consider this a technological advancement or has this individual simply gone too far?

Although it may seem unnecessary and extreme to have this capability, we must first realize that this is far from the first instance of chip insertion into living beings. Pets have chips inserted frequently to monitor their location so why would a similar process holding a beneficial health twist cause controversy?  As technology advances, our medical practices have the ability to explore new potentially lifesaving options in the future. Developments are made as new techniques or materials are created daily. Although change is good, from a medical standpoint, it seems best to slowly welcome these new advantages and fully explore their pros and cons. Inserting foreign material into a human body will always be a risky procedure. Professionals must weigh the benefits of a procedure before rushing into a potentially harmful outcome. For example, a dog has a better chance of survival if they are lost if they have a tiny microchip inserted in them. Size and placement is key.

Tim Cannon may believe his creation to be beneficial, however, the chip was not inserted by a medical professional. Cannon created the chip himself and relied on a tattoo/piercing artist to insert the playing card sized piece it into his forearm. With size, location and purpose in mind, he was turned down by all available surgeons. Cannon believes that now is the time to embrace technology and incorporate it into our physical being. Growing up, he dreamed of obtaining robotic tendencies and now that his phone reports his body temperature, he is on the path to achieving his dream.

In the past, individuals have benefitted from artificial limbs or organs. Life altering devices such as pace makers are inserted to enhance the quality of or even save and individual’s life. There are most definitely times when today’s technology can benefit a human but jumping into a world of robotics is uncalled for.

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