Running Practical Business with Converged Communications

         With socializing making the transition from physical interactions to what could be described as an artificial society. Imagine a capitalist driven status quo, where the benefits of converged communication take peoples everyday 9 to 5 and remove the need to commute ANYWHERE. This system would cut the overhead of office space to $0.00, and the cost of stores to the most basic costs of a storage facility and delivery system.

With rising gas, real estate, and utility prices it only makes since that need for an aesthetic atmosphere be eliminated and the shift of decreased overhead prices be passed down to the consumer. What need is there for an office in the business community except to maintain image? At some point the less than economical desire for a comfortable environment for your clients and customers is going to have to evolve to a more practical system.

Everything from grocery to clothing stores, already offer their products online and to be simply and accurately delivered to the customer. It only makes since that, as this trend grows. Your local grocer is transformed into a highly functioning, low budget warehouse that delivers daily fresh produce and product to its local neighborhoods at a fraction of its former cost. The same goes for clothing stores. I along with many others prefer to order my clothes online, than to bother with going to the mall or other clothing outlets. Once again this system of doing away with the expense of commercial real estate in a competitive location seems like the most practical of futures.

Normal office going professionals can conduct all necessary meetings and any other communications from their home computers, as is currently performed from the computers in their cubicles. This would not only save countless costs for whichever company happened to employ said professional, but now this employee who is also saving money. They can begin the work day, free of the normal stresses one encounters merely going to and from the office. This virtual office allows a company to offer lower prices to their clients.

In today’s world one can be a productive member of society without ever having to engage in a physical interaction again. If a person felt inclined to exercise their inner antisocial they could do so to the most extreme extent, without ever missing out on a single luxury.

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