Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear watch doesn’t really hit the mark.

Huge majorities of our society today cant live with out their smartphones. Smartphones have allowed us to have the capability to access information so easy that it only takes a swipe and a couple taps of our thumbs. Smartphones allow people to have a computer the palm of their hands whenever they need it. Just recently Samsung, the maker of the Galaxy S3 smartphone, released a game changer to the smartphone market. Galaxy Gear is the name of a electronic watch that links to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and lets the user do a lot of things that the Galaxy S3 lets you do. Might sound amazing but after doing some research on it and reading reviews it might not be that amazing.

First off the Galaxy Gear only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and none of the other Samsung smartphones that Samsung offers. After reading the reviews people were saying it was very uncomfortable after a couple hours of wearing it. “Functional but not comfortable” said one of the reviewers for ABC News. Another issue with the Galaxy Gear is that one of its key features which is the ability to convert your speech into text isn’t as accurate as its competitors like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Glass. The last big thing would be the price. This gadget will cost you $300 and in my opinion that is a huge waste of money especially if all the competing phones are currently making similar devices.

Samsung is definitely breaking into a new market but their product just isn’t there yet.

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