Sandusky spotted watching children

On Tuesday, state prosecutors asked to have the former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky confined to the inside of his house as part of his house arrest. Apparently, there have been complaints that Sandusky has been outside on his back porch watching children in a nearby schoolyard. Jerry Sandusky is pending trial on multiple child molestation charges spanning decades.

The state attorney would like to have his bail conditions reviosed so that he is not allowed to leave his home at all unless he is recieving medical attention. The prosecutors claim that there have been multiple complaints from individuals who are worried about teh safety of  the children at the school and in the nearby neighborhood.

I think that regardless of Sandusky’s guilt or innocence, because of the high profile nature of this case and the severity of the allegations, it is not appropriate for him to be out of his house when it is within sight of children. If he is guilty as charged, it is unsafe for him to be watching the schoolyard. However, if he is found innocent, it is still unwise for him to be on his back porch. Obviously, people are going to be watching his every move. While he may have just been trying to get a breath of fresh air, it appears as though he is watching children.

It is worth noting that a neighbor has seen the former coach walking his dog almost daily, sometimes while the children are out playing. It is also interesting that Sandusky’s son’s ex-wife vehemently objects to her three children having any contact with him.

Sandusky has maintained his innocence since the beginning, despite allegations by ten alleged victims accusing the coach of inappropriate and illegal acts with boys ranging from touching their legs to violent sexual assault.

This has been a high profile case and will likely continue to stay in the news throughout the trial.

I believe in innocence until proven guilty. However, in a case like this with so many victims and a witness it is hard to believe that the allegations are false. If convicted, Sandusky will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

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