Saving the Baltimore Ravens

There is no denying that the Baltimore Ravens have had a rocky season thus far. Their recent loss to rivals Pittsburgh Steelers instilled a whirlwind of disappointment for Ravens fans (considering the Steelers went into the game 1-4). So as we approach week 8 of the NFL season, I have to wonder: Is there hope left for the Ravens?

The Ravens have always been a predominately defense team, primarily because of Ray Lewis’ major contribution of linebacker from 1996-2012. That was then though and the Ravens now seem to be looking to settle back into their defensive roots.

If only it was that easy though. Terrell Suggs was doing a terrific job, but that obviously wasn’t enough to stop the Steelers from winning. What has made the Ravens a good team besides the actual skill level of the players, is the unity that exists between the team.

The players have always just sort of fit together like a puzzle. This season, there seems to be numerous pieces of that puzzle missing and because of that, the Ravens aren’t meshing together.

Obviously football is not about how well a team gets along together, but it sure doesn’t help the game either. A team does better when they come together and for some reason, that hasn’t happened yet this season.

When it comes to ‘fixing’ the Ravens, I do believe that they need to stop relying on Joe Flacco for his deep passes to his end zone.

The Ravens need to go back to short passes down the field. We get it, Flacco has a good arm but that arm of his is extremely inconsistent and is costing a lot of potential touchdowns. That’s just my opinion though and I’m obviously far from an expert.

I’ll continue to root for the Ravens no matter what because that’s part of being a fan. Fans should be loyal regardless of a team’s record (even if it is horrible). I just hope that the remainder of the season differs from the beginning of the season for the Ravens.

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