Seattle Seahawks v. New Orleans Saints Overview

Seattle Seahawks v. New Orleans Saints Overview

Tonight the Seahawks faced the New Orleans Saints at home. A win against the Saints would give the Seahawks home field advantage in the post season. With the best record in the NFL and NFC this season (11-1), the Seattle Seahawks have been nothing short of impressive. Since becoming the Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson has won every home game (13-0). Despite his young age, Wilson has all the makings of a true leader. His field awareness allows him to make outstanding plays.

On the other hand, the Saints are also an elite football team. In tonight’s game, they fought to stay at the top of the NFC South.  However, the Saints are now tied for first place in the NFC South with the Carolina Panthers after loosing to the Seahawks tonight.

The Seattle defense limited Drew Brees to 112 passing yards. He’s had 200+ passing yards for 43 straight games, before tonight (an NFL record). Seattle won 38-7.

On another note, Seattle fans surpassed their previous Guinness World Record for loudest crowd. With the 12th man on their side, the Seahawks easily took the win!

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