Selena Gomez Announces That Medical Issues Were The Cause of Her Most Recent Break

Recently, ex- Disney Starlet Selena Gomez unveiled a project a couple year in the making. Revival, her first album with her new label is her grand reappearance to the music scene since her last major album Stars Dance, with Hollywood Records in 2013. She recently came forward and explained the gap in her recording career. The cause of the highly speculated leave was due to her being diagnosed with Lupus. She took time off to undergo care and  receive chemotherapy to help manage her condition.

The singer stated that at many points she was frustrated with the media for their constant attacks. There were rumors that she was is rehab for her depression because of the ending of her relationship with fellow pop star Justin Bieber, other reports pointed at drug or alcohol abuse.

Selena said that there have been changes in her routine to help manage her condition and to make sure that she can keep up with demands of her busy schedule.  Gomez says that she is happy where she is in life right now and she has done a lot of soul searching  with the help of her friends and family. And as for her feelings towards her ex, Justin Bieber, she said that she is proud of him and she is happy for him.

Since the singers announcement that she has had this condition there has been more of a conversation surrounding this disease and what it means for the people who live with it. Even with the bumps in the road that have been there for Gomez she doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her. She wants to be able to bring light to the disease and help those struggling with it to identify the symptoms.


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