Seventh Season Recap of “Dexter”

For a year now I have been waiting in anticipation for the 8th and final season on Showtimes hit series “Dexter”. My interest was peaked by my sister who loved the show and since so many season had already passed I decided to watch them all in two weeks and my only response is WOW! Since then, there has beeen huge buzz about the final season and if it would even truly be the final season.

Dexter is a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro Police Department by day and by night he is a serial killer who hunts down criminals who he feels has escaped justice. His murderous obsession comes from some deep rooted trauma from when he was three and he hasn’t been the same ever since. He was adopted by a police officer who noticed a darkness in him and taught him how to murder and get away with it…as long as it was only bad guys. Each season had an extra twist with one of the victims being a long lost brother, to his wife being murdered by another serial killer, almost getting caught by his own chief of police and of course falling in love with his adopted sister. This show has definitely seen it all.

The series finally aired last night and I’ve gotten very mixed reviews. I’ve been patiently waiting to watch the season over the course of a few days so hopefully the wait was worth it. If anyone gets a chance to you should definitely check out the show.

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