Shots fired and one dead

At approximately 7:30 a.m. on Monday February 27, 2012 shots were fired at Chardon High School in Ohio.  Four students were injured and one was killed at the school during breakfast.  The shooter fired several rounds and then fled the scene.  Schools in the district went on lock down and classes were canceled.  The shooter turned himself in around 9 a.m. and was arrested.  The identity of the shooter remains covered because he is a minor.  Evan Erasmus had reportedly tweeted that a former student had mentioned bringing a gun to school.  The reports were that five shots were fired and out of the four students shot, one died.  Police reported that the shooter hasn’t been charged yet because he is a juvenile and he is awaiting trial.  Police created a barrier around the school to keep the shooter from re-entering the premises and a search team equipped with k-9s went out to hunt down the shooter.  Students described the event as a bloody scare that had pools of blood every where and fellow students’ bodies laying on the ground.  There hasn’t been any explanation to why this shooting occurred.  Students described the shooter as a student who recently became “goth” and he did not socialize with others much.  He was said to have not talked much and never really showed any signs of hatred towards anyone in particular.  As of right now, the shooting is a sad tragedy that has no reasoning or sure punishment.  School shootings have increased greatly over the years and very little has been done to decrease the percentages of these events occurring.   Two students lay in the hospital in critical condition and the rest of the school’s students are in shock and depressed.  Daniel Parmertor   was the student who died and his parents stated that “he was a good student with a very bright future” (ABC news) and that was all they had to comment as they retreated to deal with the pain.  The entire town of Chardon is in mourning for this very tragic event.  Send prayers out towards the families and friends of the victims of Chardon High Shooting.

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