Should the Non-Tobacco Community Support E-Cigs?

Not even accounting for underage smokers, 42 million American adults smoke and 480,000 of them die each year because of it. Tobacco is the main cause however nicotine can become very addictive which leads to prolonged smoking.  When asked most people are aware of the smoking risks but few have switched over to smoking e-cigarets simply because they do not provide the same nicotine kick that a cigaret provides. There are a number of smokers that have tried e-cigarets but reverted back to cigarets which makes up a large market who want to change their habits but weren’t satisfied with the alternative. Now there’s a new e-cigaret on the market that claims to replicate the smoking experience better than any other. The company NJOY  says their new e-cigaret targets adult smokers who have tried but rejected e-cigarets. Chief executive Paul Sturman of NJOY’s promoted the “feel,” and “the intensity of the hit to the back of the throat.” The company does not claim to completely get rid of the danger of smoking but substantially lower the risk.

The non-tobacco community has a history of not supporting e-cigarets and claims that the promotion of the alternative simply normalizes smoking and damages their efforts to reduce smoking in this era. However, with the substantial evidence supporting e-cigarets as the healthier option, it may be time for the community to start working with companies like NJOY and put a stop to almost half a million deaths per year.  The leader of the tobacco-control community Matt Myers has even said That “responsibly marketed and properly regulated, e-cigarettes could benefit the public health.” He also shares worry though that it will cause smoking to become more normalized. Perhaps it’s time to take a risk and see if e-cigarets and the end of smoking come hand and hand.

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