SIRI: Saving Lives or Endangering More?

For years now, phone companies and other researchers have long debated the dangerous of the cell phone and driving. There were many different approaches to this, depending on the laws of the particular state. Some banned cell phones while driving all together. Some mandated the switch to using headsets or blue tooth; anything to try and place the drivers attention back on the roads. Flash forward almost a decade later, and we now have some of the most innovated technology of our time. Something so advanced, that once upon a time, as we were plugging in our headsets to our flip out Motorola phones, we could not have even imagined. We now have a phone that actually talks back. Is that even normal? Even more, it does what we tell it to do. One of the few things in life we actually are able to exercise some control over. Now sitting down with this new technology, in the comfort of your own home, is a wonderful thing. It’s an amazing product, exciting to explore and navigate, utilizing all it has to offer. However, place it in someone’s hands in their car, and you have a whole different ballgame. The question that comes to mind, and the question that must be addressed is this: does the SIRI application on the iPhone lessen the distraction of the drivers who are using it on their commute, or does it add to it? While both sides can be argued, I believe only one makes sense. Regardless of you having to read a phone, or a phone speaking to you, your attention is still solely placed on that phone. Your eyes may be more focused on the road, as you’re not required to read any text with SIRI, but nonetheless, your mind is specifically focusing on what the phone is saying to you. Which ultimately means, you, as the driver, are not able to give you full and undivided attention when you are behind the wheel. So, regardless of this advanced technology, we need to ask ourselves, is it really worth it?

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