Skydivers Escape Horrific Plane Crash

Saturday evening, things took an unexpected turn for nine skydivers and two pilots as two planes crashed over Superior, Wisconsin during a planned synchronized skydiving jump. It was the last flight of the day for the divers, and it will sure be one they remember for the rest of their lives. The nearly fatal catastrophe began when the first of two Cessnas quickly approached the second one, coming from behind and above it. The divers of the two planes were planning to perform a jump called a tracking dive, when all of a sudden the two planes made contact and separated into several burning masses.

All nine divers quickly abandoned the wreck, as one plane ignited and exploded into several pieces. As they fell back to Earth at 125 miles per hour, divers were still not out of the woods, as they had to avoid the fireballs of debris falling at the same speed. Miraculously, all divers and the pilot of the first Cessna were able to pull their parachutes and land safely. The pilot who jumped only sustained minor injuries, while the remaining crew escaped unscathed. The pilot of the second Cessna was able to recover from a dive and level the plane out enough to land it in a nearby strip.

Several divers were able to capture this event from the cameras they had attached to their helmets. The footage shows one diver hanging out of the plane while the others are inside preparing for the plunge. The oldest diver in the group recalls the series of events, “The sun was just getting ready to set, it was our last load of the day. It was just a perfect time to be up in the sky. I have over 900 skydives. I’ll remember this one more than most.”

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