Small Internships Give Students More Experience

Today I found out great news. I’ve been selected for a fellowship program. Besides that fact that it’s paid, I’m more excited about getting experience on a network level. I’ve done alot of experience on a local level and I look forward to taking it a step higher.

However, as excited as I am, I’ve received mix reviews in terms of going to nation internships. Alot of advisors say that while large internships are nice, you get less experience because their are so many people. At a smaller station, their are usually less people with more task to handle, therefore interns get  more hands on experience.

To be honest, this is a true statement based off of my person experiences. During my last four internships at local news stations, I learned more during my terms there than I did in class. Tasks are usually split up in networks. However, tasks are usually doubled or even tripled up among people. That’s why I think students should go through local stations first than national networks,  just to have that competitive edge. I believe is students go straight to a larger station, coordinators may not have as much time to teach interns everything and just expect them to know the information. I’m looking forward to go to CBS and show them what I can do because I’ve done the hard work and now that I’ll be in a bigger market, I’ll be confident in handling tasks since I’ve done it before. In my opinion too many students expect to land high positions without doing the work. Honestly I’d rather mess up in a small market than blow my big break in a bigger market.

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