So many aspects of Entertainment, it’s hard to own ONE ‘s craft.

I have always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. Have I always known what aspect of the industry I wanted to be a part of? No. I honestly still am not completely sure if I want to be behind the camera or on-air but, I have developed an interest in a lot of areas within this industry. A lot of times being on air is extremely glamorized, but that is something that I am aware of. Students who are interested in this field for the wrong reasons will definitely not go as far once they become familiarized with what it truly entails. Although I am not a “professional” in the entertainment field yet, I do have a lot of experience on and off of the camera. It is important to “own your craft”, which is difficult when you want to be a part of so many different aspects related to the field of entertainment. I am a production student and I started as a broadcast journalism major, a lot has changed since being surrounding by people and tasks of this industry. A lot of times people start out behind the camera and work their way on air; I have learned that it is a lot harder to transition from on air to behind the scene than vice versa.  Students like myself may find owning their craft difficult, for the simple fact that we like to be involved in all aspects of what we love. I am just emphasizing the fact that it is more important to be GREAT at a certain area in the entertainment  industry, than mediocre in multiple areas.

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