Sochi olympics are finished with The United States in an impressive finish

Now that the XXII Olympic Winter Games have finished in Sochi, The United states finished with pretty high rankings. The US won 9 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals. Now that may not seem like much but we are placed in fourth place with overall gold medals. Canada was in third place with 10 gold medals, Norway in second place with 12 gold medals, and Russia in first place with 13 gold medals.

Although we are in fourth place with overall gold medals, the US has the most bronze medals with 12 overall. Norway followed in second place with 10 bronze medals. Russia and the Netherlands tied with 9 bronze medals each. Also The US tied in third place with the Netherlands with 7 silver medals each. Canada was in second place with 10 silver medals over all, and Russia placed in first place with 11 silver medals.

Finally in the overall medals category, the United States placed in second place with 28 medals overall. Norway placed in third place with 26 medals over all. And Russia placed in first place with 33 medals overall. Ultimately not a bad year for the US in the  winter Olympics. And although some may say it is not as we hoped, but there is always the summer Olympics in which we usually dominate in.

Examples would be the London Olympics where the United States had the most gold and silver medals, as well as the most medals overall. In the Beijing Olympics we finished in second place with overall gold medals, but we were first with the most medals overall as well as most silver and bronze medals. SO you just wait, because in the 2016 Olympics we will have a successful Olympics.

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