Social Media: The Newest Crime Fighting Tool

Most people use social media to check up on friends and family or to gain an inside scoop on the latest celebrity gossip, however for the FBI, social media has taken on a completely new meaning.   

The newest method in fighting crime can be traced back to the social mediums of Facebook and Twitter. The Federal Bureau of Investigations,  has released a statement claiming that they are now using these social media to fight terrorism and locate and gain Intel on wanted terrorists through the use of Facebook and Twitter. The FBI has recently released a traditional social media campagain to gain intel on locating the wanted terrorist Abousamara who is of Syrian decent, but has been residing in the greater Boston area for a significant period of his life. The FBI has stated that the amount of people that use social media is huge. The FBI has posted Aboousamara’s picture on multiple social media websites which they believe will ultimately lead to tips and information on his location.   The FBI has also offered a reward of 50,000 dollars for capture or information that leads to Abousamara’s capture. 

Social Media is truly a powerful medium. The FBI is one of the most well respected, funded, and organized government programs in the world and they have turned to the use of social media to help them complete their job. The FBI seems to have unlimited access to any forms of information they want. They seem to be all powerful in their quests in solving high profile cases that range across various topics. It is eye-opening to me that the FBI has now resorted to using social media to help them fight crime.  

I am interested to see how the use of social media pans out for the FBI. Yes, social media will reach large audiences, but how much of the Intel they receive will be factual and how much will be fake?


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