Social Skills Compromised by Technology

                Technology is ubiquitous. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We are all so connected via email on our phones, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  all being literally at our fingertips through smart phones and Ipads, I mean it is truly endless; with the advent of something new every day! But this connection is truly an illusion because while you are seemingly so connected you actually miss out on what is happening in real time. And that is something you simply cannot get back. Life is so fragile, and the thread can be severed at any moment. This leads me to my concern about the dangers of technology. I will start this thought by exclaiming I am among the guilty occasional “texters” while driving. Awful I know! But it is extremely dangerous, not only for ourselves but for those around us as well. This is a lot of ways refers to civility and incivility while using our cell phone. We discussed in class about how people will be in line somewhere and so distracted by their phone 9or even not get off of them) that they hold up the entire line because they simply cannot put their phones down. This relates to manners and maintaining manners even when it comes to technology. But then the question becomes, where do the standard come from? And are they antiquated because of the advent of so many new technologies? Some experts say that for the new generation technology and computer knowledge is wired into their DNA. Almost as if the human brain has evolved to include some sort of inlaid knowledge about how to use a computer. Is this the case or perhaps the youth has used computers from such a young age that it has simply become second nature..?  Then because of this fact, they will be more inclined and conditioned, if you will, to invent more things with the use of technology!

                Regardless of the reasons for technology’s aggressive advancement they have dramatically impacted the way we live our lives. Text messages have become the standard avenue for communication, making it almost awkward to pick up the phone to call someone. How will people remember how to speak to one and another face-to-face if we are forever on our phones and computers? Social skills have been compromised because of technology. For each good, amazing thing technology brings (disease cures) it can also have the potential to bring something horrible (sexual predators). One must know how to use it, with restrictions and self-awareness.

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