Solar Energy, US’s Fastest Growing Power Source.

With advances in technology, Solar power is quickly becoming the fastest growing energy source in the United States. Photovoltaic panels which are one of the core components in solar energy capture, are becoming cheaper and more efficient, which is helping to spur the transition to clean energy. 10 years ago, these panels were many times more expensive, thus making energy companies and homeowners alike hesitate to purchase them despite the need for more clean energy. Also the efficiency at which the older generation panels can capture and convert solar energy into useable power, where no where near what the newest generation are capable of. Meaning they can either use smaller panels to create small solar arrays and cover less area, or produce more power within an existing area. Also government subsidies and federal tax credits are also helping to grow the industry by helping cover some of the cost that comes with building the new solar infrastructure. As a result, Solar power has seen a 30 percent increase in 2014 and is projected to double by 2016.

Not to be outdone, the sunshine state is upping its game in the solar power industry. We currently have several solar arrays in Florida, including the Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center, in Martin County. It is a 75 Megawatt power plan and currently the largest solar thermal plant in the state. The largest photovoltaic array is the 25MW DeSoto Next Gen Solar Energy Center in DeSoto County. But Duke Energy is planning to out do all of those with a 500 MW solar plant of their own in the near future with several other companies to follow suit.

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