Spam and the Technological World

One of the most annoying things in today’s technological world is spam!  Spam mail also known as junk mail is on the rise and has probably happened to anyone with an e-mail multiple times if not every time they open their e-mail.  Spam mail is not looked at as a positive thing in any way I’m sure.  Spam comes from spammers who obtain information through whatever website or information source a person may enter their information into.  Spam is annoying not only because it pops up nearly everyday but it could also be harmful, and after opening one, it could infect a computer with a virus of some kind.  It is a scary thing, spam mail, because some times it could be scams people are sending out to millions of people.  Scammers will ask for information not generally asked for which could be dangerous leaving people to be vulnerable to identity theft or fraud. Some spam may be dangerous because it could affect children if they have emails, some spam include porn or explicit material not right for children to view. However some spam is not so intimidating, To me most of my spam are like advertisements,  promoting or pushing some kind of product for pharmaceutical use or weight loss.  I simply let them collect into a folder and delete without looking.  These bulk messages  are not liked due to many reasons but mostly due to the ones I listed.  It will be interesting to see how spam will grow over time.

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