Spam, the Downfall to all Social Forms of Communication… or is it?

How many times have you changed your password or your profile name completely just to stop all the spam? Spam can sometimes be erased so easily, but always seems to find another way back into your space. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving; no matter what you try and do your life will forever be affected by spam. What first started out as annoying emails, then moved its way to text messages, and then onto social media sites. I personally stopped using Facebook, because I was so sick of getting spammed with FarmVille invitations and other things I just did not care about. How do we navigate around spam without going to the extreme? Truth is, we can’t. Spam is about as strong willed as telemarketers. Sure you can put your name on the “no-call list” but they’re always going to find a way to get to you. The best way to deal with spam is just to accept that it’s there and continue about your day. The more attention you pay to spam the more you’ll actually start remembering the dumb message it has and the more stressed out you will be about it. Much like a chain text, all you have to do is just not forward the chain. This action ends the life of spam right there. Not all spam is bad spam however. Sometimes it can carry pertinent information that you may have thought you didn’t really need to know. I can’t count how many times I have seen an advertisement and thought “you know what I could really use that”. So while spam is annoying, it can also be quite helpful.

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