Spanish Broadcasting on the Rise

This Spanish-American demographic is on the rise. In fact, in the year 2000 only 17 percent of people under 18 were Hispanic. Compared to 2010 when this number grew by 6 percent, to a demanding 23 percent of the population under the age of 18. This is a huge spike in Hispanic numbers, and explains the exponential growth in the hispanic television. It is estimated that this number will continue to grow and is assumed that in year 2050, that the population will reach one-third of the entire U.S. population. This explains the want for large networks to want to enter this market.

Due to the rise in hispanic population, there is also an increase for television channels that cater to their native tongue. In Miami alone, in one year, the television income has sky-rocketed an astounding seventy percent, equalling 250 million dollars. This is a sizable change in profit, which cannot be ignored. By the expected raise in population, it only makes sense that the income would grow as well.

There are of course people that don’t want to see this change occur. Stating we are the United States of America and should have a universal language in the country, where some people feel that this pushes for segregation. For example, Arizona has pushed for and passed for the ban of Mexican-American studies, on the grounds that it promotes anger and resentment. However since hispanic television isn’t attacking the American views on it’s history, it is protected by the First Amendment.

When it was found to be growing among the hispanic community more networks started adopting the same idea. Studies have shown that their target audience will continue to grow and flourish through wanting to keep some of their heritage. It has also been found to be most watched in several different states, more than the rest. This shows that audience analysis has been studied and acted on.

There are bound to be crisis in this world, and there are still not resident’s in America who speak english at all, or fluently. Having these spanish television stations will allow for this community to be able to hear about it on the spot, with out having to go to the web or wati for a newspaper. Television is a critical source of information that is on the spot, as soon as the station knows they are pumping it out to the public. This is an undeniable needed service.

While there is a lot of positives to the Spanish-American television broadcasting, there is one major disadvantage. The lack of being social branching out further and further. Television has already created a rift in social behavior. Now not only is the rift going to be through just the english speaking population, it will also branch out to the spanish speaking community which would seems to only create more distance between cultures.

It seems that the Spanish broadcasting stations are a good investment and should be allowed. It is a growing demographic, and has been very well for the American money crisis. It is well planned out and protected through the U.S. government. As well as it will give new and a much needed light on the world for a different demographic. The positives outweigh the negatives for the upcoming media.

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