Spice Girls add a different spice to the hearty plate of feminism.


“If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give, taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is” – “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. As I read this article, I can’t help but to feel compelled as to share my personal story in how the Spice Girls, who don’t fit the traditional feminism advocate, taught me the importance of female empowerment. When I first think about a feminist, I immediately think of a “butch-esque” type woman who is screaming for women to throw down their aprons, put down their babies, and dive head first into the corporate world. While this is a good example of female empowerment it is not necessarily my view. Yes it is good for women to find their own way and not be dependent upon a man, but sometimes it takes the realization of what you can do for yourself and others where women find their true power. The last line of the lyrics above is “that’s the way it is”. Even if you are not cut out for the corporate world, the importance of being vocal within your household is all the same. If you are not vocal, you have no power because people are unaware to how you feel and unaware that they should change. I, myself, have a reputation for saying what’s on my mind, however, you will never hear of me saying something about a person that I wouldn’t say to their face. As women it is important that we stay true to ourselves and say what we really mean. Others can take it or leave it because “that’s the way it is”. The Spice Girls may not be your ideal image of a feminist but they delivered a message all the same, just through a different media.

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