Springtime is making everyone sick!

No metaphor in that title. Springtime is here… and people are getting sick all over the place. And it’s not just a sniffle here and a sniffle there. Although that is happening too, that’s just the mild stuff. Most people are experiencing serious influenza, myself included. I suffered through a terribly painful flu a few weeks ago. Even with medication, I was barely functional.

While I was sick, I had realized something. This is the second year in a row that I have gotten so sick that I became incapacitated. Not only that, but it occurred at around the same time of the year! March of last year, up until Easter, I had strep throat for the first time. Even though I was raised in Florida, it has only been since I have moved to Orlando that I am experiencing this trend of springtime sickness.

I have also seen people experience unusual allergy symptoms. A friend of mine at church has a son whose face has swollen around his eyes. The father says that his son has allergies, but has never experienced something this extreme.

And it’s not limited to one city. It’s happening all over Florida. The bug is going around in Orlando where I am, and I have also heard that my mother in Jacksonville was getting sick too.

Is the pollen that dangerous here? I have heard that it is in full force. You can’t park anywhere and not find pollen all over your car.

Next year, take no prisoners. Lesson learned: get a flu shot.

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