Steelers Coach Faces Potential Punishment Over Blocked Kickoff

Thanksgiving brought together family, food and friends. It also brought together one of the biggest rivalry’s in the NFL: The Ravens versus The Steelers. The game brought plenty of testosterone on the field but what people are still talking about is not necessarily the players actions but the action of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

At the start of the third quarter Ravens kick returner, Jacoby Jones, was on his way to the end zone about to potentially score a touchdown when he was ‘blocked’ by Mike Tomlin who was standing on the sideline with one foot on the field.

Jacoby Jones was forced to cut inside to avoid Tomlin and that was when he was tackled by two Steelers.

Tomlin says his antics were not intentional but people are still skeptical whether or not he knew what he was doing. Potential punishment for him could include a fine and the loss of a draft pick, which famously happened to the Patriots back in 2007.

The smirk that Tomlin had, in my opinion, indicated that he knew exactly what he was doing. As a seasoned coach, he knows better than to be on the field during a play. However, a six figure fine does seem a little extreme (and this is coming from a Ravens fan).

The loss of a draft pick could be detrimental, as it would happen during the late rounds of the draft.

A review is still being made by the NFL and a decision should be made by Monday night. In my humble opinion, refs should have just awarded the Ravens a touchdown and all of this could be over with.

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