Student left stranded after speaking Arabic on a flight; Is Islamophobia real?

A college student was removed from a flight after speaking Arabic on a flight. He was speaking to his uncle about an event he attended and how excited he was attending the event when the lady in front of him started to alert the crew members that he was making threating comments. That’s when a Southwest employee escorted the passenger out and the FBI started to take over and question him. 8 hours later he was allowed to leave with a refund and booked another flight back home via delta.


This is the problem in America we our suffering from what a couple of people have called Islamophobia. Every time we here someone from Islam speak Arabic we automatically go into defense mode and start thinking the absolute worst. When in reality its not the case we are profiling and acting too racist to these people and its wrong. This has to stop I understand that we do need to be more aware and have better security but to hate these people to the point that they can’t even get on a flight to go home its just morally wrong. This country was founded by immigrants and built by immigrants it was once a country that welcome any race as long as they learned English and did it by the book and to be honest that’s not to much to ask to learn the language of this country its like anybody going to another country. You have to learn the language if you want to be successful and prosper.

Now a days this country is in fear. They let their fear destroy this country and their fear is leading this country into a dark time. A time where I don’t even know what’s going to happen or what to expect but if this racistism keeps going on this country is going to lose more then just people.



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