Students Question What to Do After School

As school draws to a much-anticipated end, it is irrational to ignore the upcoming decisions that face a college graduate. The question arises in the form of: Do I take some time off or do I hit the job market? There is no easy answer to this question and especially no right one but it is one of the most dominant thoughts in a young adults mind as they grab their diploma.

Let’s dwell into the first option, taking time off. This might seem to be the obvious choice but it leaves a lot of students worrying they will get in a funk. Many believe once they leave it will be tough to come back to the real world and work. This is a realistic worry and could be plausible but thinking this way is putting yourself in a position where you believe that it is impossible to mix work and play. Just like anything, vacation gets old and the need to feel productive is once again upon you.

Now the second choice would be to suddenly hit the work force and begin your career. Many fear this is a trap and once you step into that life it’s hard to break away. But, eventually everyone must become a career man/woman; it’s up to you to find fun in its crevices.

If you haven’t picked up that there is no right answer, then you’re correct. Decisions like these require different answers from different people, none of which are wrong, none of which are right. It is a decision that is made based on the present state of mind, and will lead you in a direction that has no visibility. However much you want to control your world, it still remains impossible. Whatever decision you make, your life will be filled with both joys and sorrows, you cannot avoid either.

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