Take Advantage of UCF Library Resources

So this blog post is not going to be as fun but it’s SUPER USEFUL with some insightful tips.

I’ll start it off by saying I spent my whole weekend at the library, so that’s why I decided to write about it.

I don’t have a laptop of my own (sad… I know) so I use UCF laptops/take home tablets. On the 3rd floor of the library, they have a huge desk right in the middle called LibTech. You can take Dell Venues (small laptops, kind of like Ipads) home for 24 hours!

This is amazing for me because sometimes I just want to be at home or maybe outside doing homework. You can even rent out the Dell Venue for a few days. I’ve never been that lucky to get it for a few days because someones already checked it out, but they usually have it for 24 hours!

You can also rent laptops, Ipads, Blue Ray Players, DVD players, Calculators, Chargers, Headphones, Headsets with Mics, Projecters, Webcams & Sony Video Cameras!!

The calculators are awesome because if you’re taking Stats or anything along the lines of buying that expensive calculator that you’re only going to use for that one semester, renting it out at LibTech is a lifesaver!

The people at the desk are always really friendly. When you get to the desk they have a TV screen that shows everything you can rent out OR there’s a piece of paper at the desk that explains it OR you can just have crazy awesome memory & remember this post lol.

When you check out anything from LibTech, you DO NEED your UCF ID… so make sure to bring it.

So if you ever don’t have something you DESPERATELY need, take advantage of LibTech. You won’t regret it (:

Til next time!

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