Take Pride in Your School, Get to the Football Game!

As someone who did not attend the University of Central Florida as an undergraduate, I am completely awestruck to see the lack of school pride the students have here. And yes, I am talking about football attendance. I understand that football isn’t everyone’s game. Some people like basketball, some people like music, and some people like art, but attending your university’s football game is one of the most important things you can do to have pride in your university. Whether you like the sport or not, when people discuss the various universities in Florida, the majority of topics that are being discussed has to do with your schools football team. Having a good football program at your university, that is well supported by the student-body, alumni, and comunity, can do wonders for your school. Here are some of the positives that can result from a good football program: 1. Sheer number of applicants will rise. Because there will be more people wanting to come to UCF, UCF can be more selective with who it admits. UCF can take the students who are more well rounded and who are better academically. This process will continually to raise the perception of how good of a school UCF is and will continue to be. 2. More revenue. This revenue will come from TV contracts, conference payouts, etc. This extra revenue will help the whole athletic department, including all sports and also may benefit the every day student. 3. UCF perception as a school will change. This may help you secure a better employment opportunity after you graduate from UCF due the recognition of the school.

Lastly, UCF is a special place to go to school. UCF has great programs, great professors, a great campus, and provides a great opportunity to earn an educations. I also understand that there is 33,000 students on campus and the rest are commuters. However, all UCF students should have pride in their school. Bright House Networks Stadium should be full every Saturday. People, the football team is 8-2 and are currently undefeated in our conference. Take pride in your school, support your football team, and become a nationally recognized football team and university.

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