Take the Right Decision : Preview a Few Options and Cut Them in Half.

In the bible, there is a story about two women who came before King Solomon fighting over a baby. One of the women’s baby had died in his sleep and so she stole the other women’s baby. King Solomon, after hearing the story, gave them one option – to cut the baby in half so they both could have a piece. The mother of the child started to cry and begged King Solomon to give the child to the other woman. Solomon knew then the baby belonged to her and have him over to her. In this story, King Solomon did not overwhelm the women with a lot of choices – he simply gave them one. He did not offer the option of one woman to have the baby one day week and to the second woman another day of the week. Neither he offer them the option of the two mothers living in the same house sharing the aging of the baby. Were only two options. It is easier to choose when you are given fewer choices. It is been proven that as more options someone has when is time to take a decision, the worst decision the person could take, or ends up making no choice at all.

As a parallel, when you go shopping, it is better when you have in mind what you are looking for. The more specific you are about the item the better because there are less options for your mind to get overwhelmed or distracted. When given too many options, our brains often get too overwhelmed to make any decision. For example, when you go to a restaurant that has endless options, it is more difficult for you to make a choice. If given the option between a salad, burger or chicken, it would be an easier choice than if you are given the option between seven different types of salads, seven different types of sandwiches and burgers, and many more other options. Then next time you need to make the right decision, preview a few options and cut them in half. When it comes to options and choices, less is often better.


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