Tangling With The “F” Word

When people hear the word ‘feminist’ the stereotypical images of man-haters, lesbians, hairy armpits, and angry women probably flash before your eyes. Unfortunately the name has gotten a bad rap (thanks to the media and dominate cultures). To set the record straight, feminist do not “hate” men, but are loving, and focused on women. This is why the article, “Girls Gone Anti-Feminist” caught my attention this week.

Susan Douglas introduced me to a new term, “enlightened sexism”. The article states that, enlightened sexism is a manufacturing process that is constantly produced by the media. Its components; anxiety about female achievement. So in other words, while it looks like it supports women’s equality it is dedicated to the undoing of feminism. The question I ask is why? According to the article, people are afraid that men and women and becoming too much the “same”. In my opinion I think this is a good thing. For years and years, the goal was to be treated equal. Now we have it, and are backtracking?? The media has a way of helping women move forward, but also causes setbacks.

Because of previous of previous feminist/women’s movements, women have freedom and opportunities to anything in this world. Women don’t have to be secretaries, school teachers, or nurses if they don’t want to be. They can be police officers, firefighters, CEOs, or join the military. It’s nice to know how far women have come in the last forty years. Just in 2008 we had women run for president and vice president of the United States!

Shows like; The Closer, Criminal Minds, House..etc. Are all examples of television shows that have women doing “manly jobs”.  Whether they are detectives, FBI agents, or doctors. The media is assuring girls that they too can go out and be stronger, fearless, and successful.

Reading this short article really opened my eyes to a few things. I really enjoyed the article, and has me considering taking some Women Studies classes in the future.


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