Target and the Worst Photoshop Mistake Ever-How Does This Affect Us All?

Yesterday I was looking at Tumblr and a blog I follow shared a picture of a model wearing a bikini shown on the Target website.  When looking closely you notice some off shapes to the model’s body.  Clearly, whoever was in charge of altering the model’s appearance did not do such a great job.

There were sharp edges left from where a part of her side had been slimmed down, and also a clear square shaped cut from her thighs and bikini line.  There is no hiding the fact that the model was to look slimmer to the viewer.

With Target being such a big company, how could a small slip like this happen?  Why would they even do it?  To be a model you already have to be very slim.  More and more are people realizing that just because in a picture they are perfect, doesn’t mean they really are.

There is a horrifying trend on being slim and they are usual sparked by the desire of unrealistic goals.  With internet trends like “thinspo” and ” thigh gap,” women have established fantasy goals for themselves.  They excessively exercise or develop eating disorders just to get to where they think they should be.

I wonder if a photoshop disaster like this will open peoples’ eyes on body images and what is real and unreal.  Could it possibly help women’s confidence and begin to understand that you can’t be everything you see in the pictures?  Society has set an acceptance on being thin and beautiful and doing anything to get that way.  People look at crazy diets and plastic surgery like it’s nothing.

I just hope that one day people, men and women, will come to an understanding that they need to love who they are and just focus on being healthy and happy.  Not always looking at what to fix and how they can be better or look like someone else does.

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