Tebow to where?

The big news in sports right now is that the Denver Broncos look to sign future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.  Manning was let go from the Indianapolis Colts after several neck surgeries and sitting out an entire season.  Manning is one of the best Quarterback’s in the NFL.  Denver was quick to move and held an immediate meeting with the newly added free-agent.  Denver has been a struggling team in the league for a few years and last year, they seemed to have possibly found some help in quarterback Tim Tebow.  Tebow became the starting quarterback for Denver mid-season after a horrible start.  The Broncos began winning game after game and people started speaking of Tebow as if he were a miracle sent from God.  Tim Tebow brings a new look to the quarterback position because of his horrible passing percentages but fantastic running ability.  Tebow was drafted in 2010 out of Florida and was considered more of a full back than a quarterback because of his running tendencies.  A quarterback who ran and could barely through was not likely to succeed in the professional level.  Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs and won the first round against the Pittsburgh Steelers on a 70 yard pass in overtime.  A quarterback known for running, wins a clutch game on a 70 yard pass!

Now the Broncos sign Peyton Manning who statistically is far better than Tebow.  Manning is the end of Tebow and whatever he may have been at Denver.  Neither the coach or owner of the Broncos believed in Tebow enough to keep him as starter, so the deal with Peyton Manning was made.  Tebow will be let go from the Broncos and placed as a free-agent.  Tebow was not a throwing quarterback but what he was was a very determined, hard-working, well liked man.  Ever since being drafted in 2010, Tim Tebow looked to improve because he knew he had to and he was told he had to.  Tebow was not going to allow negative comments bring him down, he sought to prove he could excel at the professional level.  The one problem now, is where will Tebow end up, what team will take him?

As a questionable quarterback, many teams are unsure if he can be an NFL quarterback.  Any team with a new coach or a coach in question will probably be hesitant in obtaining an unsure option at quarterback.  Tebow has built a strong fan base who will fight for him to become starter wherever he ends up, so that also becomes a factor.  Teams need to be aware that Tebow is well liked and he is a very determined player.  Where ever Tebow ends up, his fans will follow and he will provide his excellent attributes.

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