Technology making us scared to be alone.

As humans we have a natural need to feel wanted and accepted. We want to be celebrated, appreciated or at the very least acknowledge in some way or another. And whats wrong with that? Nothings it’s our nature we are flawed to a fault, we come with insecurities, and sometimes we need others to help us see something we don’t see in ourselves. But how much is technology to blame for this?  Technology has allowed us to be constantly connected and reachable to others.  It has allowed us to over exposed our selves. So much so that many of us now feel anxious to be alone to disconnect and be in complete silence. What are we so scared of? Is it that we are so un-happy with our lives, our selves and our surroundings, that makes the thought of being alone unbearable? I believe we don’t fear so much being alone as the fear of what we will discover from ourselves as the result. What will that “Voice” our inner selves tell us? Technology has certainly facilitated the task of staying connecting however I don’t feel that it should be totally to blame. I don’t believe its a coincidence that the younger generation dominates the trend of always having to stay connected. Most of us are young and still finding ourselves, we have found comfort in technology, however its important to remember its not the solution. Like everything their should always be a balance. Instead of having that need to get likes on Facebook or instagram why not log off and read an inspirational book or something that you will actually get something fulfilling out of. We need to remember that it’s important to disconnect at least for a few minutes in a day in order to connect with ourselves.

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